This blog is going to take a little different a form than most of my writing, because, well, I need to ask a favor. I need you to loan me a little faith. Not in the sense that I’m “doubting my faith” or anything; I’m actually in a better (and more dependent) place spiritually than I have […]

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Guard Your Heart?

I recently finished a 2,500+ mile road trip for work through West Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The bulk of the twelve day trip was spent by myself, incessantly changing the radio to find a station that wasn’t either county or static, or ideally, both. Unsuccessful as I was, I spent too many hours silently processing life and the […]

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Finding Christ on Our Cross

Last week I wrote a blog about how we have a God that came into the world as it actually exists–a world where there is universal pain, hurt, and suffering. But what do we when the conversation shifts from the universal issue of suffering to our own places of pain and hurt? I’ve sat with this […]

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Sanitized Christianity

Nadia Bolz-Weber spoke in downtown Nashville last night and I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to hear her speak during her book tour. For those of you who don’t know about her, she’s a tatted, crass, progressive, lutheran pastor in Denver who’s known for her books Pastrix and Accidental Saints, and for the fact that she swears […]

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On Becoming an Introvert

You know the kind of people who’d rather crawl in bed with a book and retreat from the world than go out to the movies with their friends? I’m not one of those people. Of course I’m referring to introverts, and yes I know that they have friends and like to go out too. But […]

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Love Your Neighborhood

At the suggestion of a friend, I’m reading Tim Keller’s “The Meaning of Marriage.” It is as much for unmarried or single people as it is for the married, because while his central points relate specifically to marriage, he speaks more broadly of love and how we relate to others. One of the points that […]

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Worthiness is Your Birthright

I never intended to be the kind of blogger that went months without writing–vanishing until the perfect epiphany generated some line of thought that was both coherent and worth reading. But here I am, nearly a year removed from my last post, stumbling over my own thoughts. Part of my silence has been due to […]

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