The Irony of #CancelColbert

I find satire far more informative and enlightening than many forms of communication. At it’s heart, satire is a form of social criticism that aptly ridicules that which is faulty–ergo, it is not only humorous, but it is informative and aims for social change and improvement. It’s incredibly effective communication. Per Wikipedia, “Satire is a […]

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Vanity and the Oscars

I watched about an hour of the Oscars last night, or up until they handed out awards for categories like “Best Animated Short” and “Best Costume Design.” Due credit to Laurent Witz, Alexandre Espigares, and Catherine Martin but I find it difficult enough to stay entertained in more personally relevant categories. This morning, I’ve seen […]

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Movie Magic and Manipulation

I have way too much time on my hands. That’s an exaggeration. But having complete control over your schedule sure make it feels like you have plenty of free time. Having recently graduated from college, I am however experiencing the bliss of not having homework for the first time in my memory, which does afford […]

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LeBron James, Greatness, and Mount Rushmore: An Adventure in Missing the Point

Michael. Magic. Bird. When LeBron James was asked what his NBA “Mount Rushmore” would be, he rattled off the first three with ease, as many others probably could. The fourth took some deliberation, though James would choose Oscar Robertson as the fourth face on the mountainside. LeBron quipped that he would be one of the […]

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Racial Slurs and Caricatures

Football season is over, but the surrounding conversations are not. I’ve already written a pretty extensive blog about the need to change the Washington Football Franchise’s mascot to something less offensive than a racial slur and caricature of a Native American, but with the recent production from the National Congress of American Indians, I wanted […]

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Macklemore and the Grammys

I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch the Grammys. I don’t know if I ever have. But I was very pleased to hear about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ success secondhand. What surprised me though was the widespread negative reaction to their victory. Though even Macklemore thought that Kendrick Lamar should have taken home an award, he […]

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Disagree Beautifully

Confession time: I get angry a lot. I tend not to show it, but a lot of things frustrate me. Mostly ignorance. It’s a continual achilles heal, trying to be gracious with those I disagree with. Sometimes doing so seems as futily inept as trying to debate in the comment section on Youtube though–you get […]

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