A Video to Watch: “Rigged Game”

This is powerful. Watch this. Educational inequality is a reality of low-income schools in America. Inexperienced teachers cycle through as under-funded schools struggle to equip student despite difficult home situations. On top of that, students English as a second language are not allowed to be instructed in their first language and are expected to perform […]

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A Song to Listen: Under Bridges by Brave Saint Saturn

Jesus is a King who is worthy to be praised and deserves all glory from creation. But that Jesus is the same Jesus of John 13 and Matthew 25; the same Jesus who made himself a servant, and who says that “whatever you do to the least of these you’ve done to me.” Throughout the gospels Jesus identifies with the marginalized. If all the work done for the sake of the marginalized is counted as done for Christ himself, then what implications does that have for our judgment, condemnation, or neglect  of those we view as beneath us?


Yesterday while walking,
Beneath an overpass,
I saw the figure of Jesus,
Standing barefoot on broken glass.
His beard was graying,
The smell of urine filled the air,
Asking if I had some change,
Anything that I could spare.

His shaking fists balled up,
Influenza and pneumonia,
Begging God to take his cup.
So different from his pictures,
Breathing air through yellowed tubes,
Jesus Christ, dying of AIDS,
Can look right through you.

And all have hated,
Crucified and walked away,
The Savior of the prostitutes,
Drunkards, rapists, and the gays.

Under bridges,
With hands raised,
From the ghettos they praise his name.
Broke and crippled in the dark of night,
Raise your voices to Jesus Christ,

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