Jesus Loves Refugees

One of the things that I love about my job is the freedom I have to create experiences that not only draw teenagers deeper in relationship to God, but educate them on social issues that are close to God’s heart. A few years ago, all of us at YouthWorks started asking more intentionally why we […]

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Two Steps From Poverty

I really appreciate the song below–Homecoming by Derek Minor–because it brings to light the frailty of our security. Though we don’t like to imagine this reality, it is sobering to recognize that with just a few bad decisions we may find ourselves in situations of desperation and hopelessness. It is an important recognition though, as […]

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Ask Before You Act

I had a fairly unusual encounter this December, but the story goes back to last winter.Ā In December of 2012, I was out Christmas shopping. As Ā I pulled into a Walmart packing lot, I saw a homeless man begging for money. He held a cardboard sign on behalf of his family, clearly cold and miserable on […]

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On the Poor and Politics

Last November brought a heat political environment, particuarly in evangelical spheres. As a follower of Christ who leans more to the left than right, I found myself in debate after debate with groups from the religious right. I would advocate for a government that takes care of the poor and fights for justice. My counterparts […]

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Fighting Poverty, Part 1

In my last blog, I talked about some of the issue surrounding the unbalanced wealth distribution in America. There are few solutions to balance theĀ distributionĀ without total socialism bringing theĀ wealthiestĀ American down to our level. However, there are a variety of ways that we as the individuals, the church, and part of the government can fight cycles […]

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Wealth Distribution

Hey friends, let meĀ apologizeĀ for my recent absence on my blog. I haven’t had any burning and well-articulate thoughts so I have mostly remained silent. However, with the rise of a recent viral video, I want to comment on wealthĀ distributionĀ in America. Last november I stumbled upon the chart below, whichĀ detailsĀ the actual wealth distribution in America, the […]

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Us Poor College Students

At the beginning of the Spring Semester, and the onset of the Mission Conference, a man walked onto the stage and preached about poverty. Going against the orthopraxy of a chapel-style, sermonesque messages, the speaker asked the audience “What comes to your mind when you think of poverty?” The audience shouted out their various epiphanies–no […]

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