Why I March

On Saturday I had the privilege of gathering in Louisville with 5,000 other activists to rally in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington and the global protest for women’s rights. I am proud to know that many of my friends across the country were marching as well, though I know many of my friends were […]

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Truth and Emotion

Truth uncoupled to Emotion is harsh and apathetic. Emotion unwed to Truth is illogical and fleeting. Lose emotion and you numb yourself into oblivion. Lose truth and you are shaken by every storm. Remember to keep the two married in beautiful harmony – a true picture of humanity. Child, be human and be whole. You are […]

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23 Takeaways From 2015

What the hell was 2015? I mean, if you were at a psychiatrist’s office and he threw up an ink blot that said “2015,” how would you react? Good? Bad? Good Riddance? For me, 2015 was a real “Tale of Two Cities” kind of year – it was the best of times, it was the […]

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Our Christmas Hope

So much anticipation is wrapped up in that baby boy lying in a manager – weeks of waiting for the Christmas season, months of pregnancy for Mary, years of pleading for a savior by Israel. And one night, God showed up and delivered on his promise when Mary delivered her child – Jesus, Emmanuel, God with […]

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A Blue Christmas [Service]

Christmas is far-and-away my favorite holiday, but this year the Christmas spirit just hasn’t come over me. This is large-in-part to the fact that it is SEVENTY DEGREES in Nashville and there are still trees flecked with yellow waiting for a hard frost to knock the last of the leaves from their branches. But I’ve also […]

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This blog is going to take a little different a form than most of my writing, because, well, I need to ask a favor. I need you to loan me a little faith. Not in the sense that I’m “doubting my faith” or anything; I’m actually in a better (and more dependent) place spiritually than I have […]

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