Rethinking White Guilt

I’d never experienced racism until I lived on a reservation. It was a wonderfully unique community–governed by Natives, yet three quarters hispanic, and all the more diverse when it came to opinions on race, inequality, and oppression. Most white people live a life devoid of any recognition of their race. Whiteness is largely assumed the […]

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The Irony of #CancelColbert

I find satire far more informative and enlightening than many forms of communication. At it’s heart, satire is a form of social criticism that aptly ridicules that which is faulty–ergo, it is not only humorous, but it is informative and aims for social change and improvement. It’s incredibly effective communication. Per Wikipedia, “Satire is a […]

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Racial Slurs and Caricatures

Football season is over, but the surrounding conversations are not. I’ve already written a pretty extensive blog about the need to change the Washington Football Franchise’s mascot to something less offensive than a racial slur and caricature of a Native American, but with the recent production from the National Congress of American Indians, I wanted […]

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Why Washington Redskins and Others Need to Change Their Mascot

Today at lunch, a friend of mine brought up the recent Huntington Post article “Here Are The Most Tasteless Mascots You’ll See Outside Of A Redskins Game”. Included on the list are the Coachella Valley Arabs, the Akron East Orientals, and the Robstown Cottonpickers, among others. As Joanna Schroeder from Good Men Project writes, “If you wouldn’t […]

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