Becoming an SD (Site Dad)

Going into last summer, I knew I’d want to come back as a Site Director this summer. I love YouthWorks and the model of ministry that they are able to provide, and I have had (mostly) positive experiences with them. I find leadership empowering and being a Kids Club Coordinator has stretched and grown me as a person; it just seemed logical to me to take the next logical advancement and become a Site Director.

Fast forward to April. I’d been hired as a Site Director months early, but was still waiting to hear my site placement. One afternoon I was having a meandering conversation with my best friend Aaron that led to YouthWorks. “What part of your new role are you most excited about?” I had to think. “Staff care. Getting not just to lead a team, but to take care of them.”

It was an answer on a whim, but a true one none the less.

Emily, Jinna, Terry, Stacey, and I
Emily, Jinna, Terry, Stacey, and I

Fast forward to the present. I’m in Washington Street Baptist Church in the hard-to-describe city of Lynn, MA, just north of Boston. I’m leading 4 individuals through prep month (i.e., an obnoxiously long three weeks of prep). I am a Site Director. And I am Site Dad.

Upon arriving in Lynn, some perceived flirting with a young mother shifted me from Trev Dawg to Trev Dad. The name was a joke and I was hesitant to play along, but it’s stuck and I’ve decided to run with it.

Photo Jun 06, 2 28 07 PM Photo Jun 06, 2 56 43 PMDespite my initial hesitance, It struck me last night how appropriate the name may be. After a couple weeks of relatively intensive hours, I decided to give my team a day (mostly) off. We went to Gloucester to see a potential cookout location, to the mall, to the movies, and finally to the beach in the dark of night.

The tide was high as we ran into the cold atlantic water, soaked our feet in the riptide, and let waves wash over our calves (and sometimes knees and hamstrings). I stepped back from the moment to watch my team yell through the cool air, splash in the ocean water, and laughter together.

The day was as much for me as it was for me team, but to sit back and watch joy unfold simply makes me happy.  I thanked God for each of them in the moment and prayed for them. I find joy in their joy, and pride in their success as they own their roles, as they work together, and as we gel as a team.

And as I look at those emotions along side the senses of joy and pride, maybe I’m not all that different from being a “Site Dad”

Wrapped up in the title of Site Director is “director” and “boss” but also “coach” and “mentor” and “friend.”

And I suppose even a little of Trev Dad.

Trev Dad and the Trevlings
Trev Dad and the Trevlings

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