Cedarville continues to sadden me. As the doctrine becomes more narrow, so diversity dwindles. As our theology becomes more limited, genuine academic discourse disappears (at least for the Bible majors, if not all). As we become more specific in what “we” believe, we isolate and condemn beliefs outside our own. As this all takes place our pool of potential faculty becomes a puddle of American-white-maleness.

And despite all of this happening, despite Chairman Loren Scharnberg admitting he has an agenda, despite the testimony of faculty who have since left, people continue to act as though Cedarville has not changed course. We appeal to God’s sovereignty believing that God’s control means that all of Cedarville’s recent actions are approved by God, ignoring oppression and abandonment that breaks God’s heart. Ignoring that God’s sovereignty is not an excuse for sin.

People were fired. People were ushered out. People are silenced.

That is not what Christ looks like. That is not what the Kingdom of God looks like.

Pray for your faculty and staff, Cedarville. Pray for the Bible department. They deserve better.

Joshua P. Steele

I wish I could say I was proud of my alma mater…

Despite my Lenten Facebook fast, I was made aware of the following post by my friend Marlena Graves. I thought I’d share it, just in case anyone is considering Cedarville as a choice for college. I’d still strongly recommend you attend another institution, where you can trust the administration. My previous thoughts on these matters still stand.


“Dear friends, 

“Every. Single. Week. I am contacted by people who attend and work at CU who are just miserable. I pray about what to say and what not to say; my motives aren’t malicious. This morning I was reading about Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and how he couldn’t believe that the Christians in Germany remained silent about Hitler or actively conspired with Hitler to get rid of the Jews. This situation at CU is no Germany. But faculty…

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