Modesty: A Most Wicked Deception

An excellent blog on Modesty from a female perspective related to my prior blog “Christian Liberty and Misconceptions in Modesty.”

Women are often taught to be modest at the neglect of purity, while men are discipled to be pure in mind but give no diligence to modesty. Out-dated, one-way conversations based on old gender stereotypes don’t quite encompass what it means to be human and to be broken.

In the Loft

modestIsHottest “Men will undress you in their minds.” she said to me, shaming a teenage girl years older than me who she deemed to be ‘immodest’. “They are like animals. They’re only after one thing and they will take advantage of you.”

This was what I was taught from the time I was born. To hide my body in all it’s wickedness from the emotionless animals that we call men. My body was not a beautiful reflection of my Creator, it was a tool for evil, and the evil that took form in woman as flesh was the material of our counterparts minds. The message always clear.

Be ashamed,

Be afraid.

You are dirty.

You are in danger.

Confusion, when I came to the age where began to change. These wicked things that are in the hearts of men were taking form in me, but of course that is…

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