Seeing the Mountain

Did you know that West Virginia is the only state completely covered by Appalachia? All the other states are coastal or too far inland that they turn into the great Midwest. Consequently, West Virginia really is a uniquely beautiful state. People are often too caught up in poverty and poor stereotypes to see it though.

When I came back to Logan, I didn’t immediately notice the seasonal change in the mountains until I saw pictures of the summer mountainside. West Virginia summers are incredibly green! In one picture below you see the fruit of the trees spread far across the appalachian countryside–a storm of green waves frozen in time. Though it may be hard to distinguish, the latter picture reveals the barrenness of the trees and foundation of the soon-returning foliage in the clefts of the mountains.

Though a subtle distinction, you really can’t see the mountain until you strip the trees of their livelihood.

West Virginia Summer
West Virginia Summer
West Virginia Winter
West Virginia Winter

And so it is in life. God is our foundation–He is the mountain from which we sprout and grow. He provides us with the life we need to be productive and fruitful as we bear the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. But sometimes our “fruit” and our success gets in the way of others seeing the actual mountain; Often people make a habit of pointing to God as the benefactor of their lives lest their success deceive people to believing they are particularly special rather than the foundation beneath us.

Sometimes it is only when we are stripped to the bark is our foundation revealed from beneath us, and people see the beauty that is our earth, our God.

Sometimes people can most clearly see our God in our hardest seasons of life. In seasons of drought and cold, when we most clearly lean on our God, is He most clearly evident. Then people can see that just as the mountains alone are a sight to behold, God alone is sufficient.


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