Jesus is Better than the Super Bowl

Seahawks“Jesus is better than the Super Bowl.”


In my most recent blog I wrote a piece of advice for Tom Brady regarding satisfaction in life. To summarize, you can never find satisfaction in fame or fortune or football, but only in faith in Christ.

Following that post I came across an piece about Peyton Manning’s Christian faith in which he articulated the same concepts, namely that faith is more important (and satisfying!) than football.

Today I want to share a perspective of Manning’s Seattle counterpart, Russell Wilson and company.

Sherman-rant-300x159While Richard Sherman’s voice may have been the loudest on Sunday night, there are certainly other perspectives represented on the Seahawks roster. In part 2 of the interview series done by Marc Driscoll and Mars Hill Church of Seattle, other players are given the opportunity to answer the question “Who is Jesus?”

Some of the biggest stars in American culture recognize that there is someone much greater than they out there. While football is important, ultimately faith takes center stage and giving glory to God is the foundation of their life’s ambitions.

So many in our culture idolize athletes if not the sport itself, but these athletes make a statement by affirming that there is  “someone bigger than you, someone to worship, someone to live for, someone to not make it all about Russell.”

You can find more videos from the interview series in the following weeks at


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