A Video to Watch: Why “Diversity” Isn’t Enough

From the clip below, please refer to 17:30-20:15.

Rinku Sen discusses the difference between equity and diversity and the problems that arise from doing “diversity” work at the Facing Race conference in 2010. According to her, the two opposing political responses to race are diversity and colorblindness. While the intention of colorblindness is not to discriminate based on the color of one’s skin, it can actually be quite offense. Consider if I were to look at you and say “Ya know, when I look at you I don’t see a man.” It not enough to ignore of look past different races; we ought to celebrate the things that do make us different!

On the opposing end of the spectrum is diversity. While diversity is good, it is far from the end goal. Diversity is only the first step to equity. Equity means giving minority culture a the ability to mold and shape the broader agenda in a system of shared power, rather than just being multicultural agents of majority culture agenda. In other words, until we allow our leadership to have a both an ideologic and ethnic diversity, we will lived in a closed minded, unequal system of exclusion.


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