Over the past 3+ years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working for an organization known as YouthWorks. YouthWorks facilitates short-term missions trips in 70 communities in North America for high school youth groups. These groups come to a community for a week at a time, serve in a variety of capacities, and are empowered to leave transformed and encourage to serve in tangible ways in their home communities.

I’ve traveled across the country, met thousands of teenagers, and lead dozens of mission trips while working for YouthWorks. I worked with YouthWorks for three summers before I had the opportunity to go full-time and work year round to maintain and build relationships in our communities during the off-season.


There is no other organization that does mission trips at the scale YouthWorks does that strives to serve communities respectfully and ensure that teenagers have meaningful, life-changing service opportunities.

I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a summer job or ministry opportunity to consider working for YouthWorks. For more information see or Apply Here.

Additionally, to anyone working in middle or high school youth ministry, I have seen no other organization that provides intense short term mission opportunity like YouthWorks. Consider taking your group on a trip this summer! For more information, visit the Trip Info tab on YouthWorks website.

Click here to read more about YouthWorks and my experiences with them.


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