Included in the links below are copies of my business and ministry résumés. The business resume is a standard resume while the ministry resume includes my philosophy of ministry, personal testimony, call to ministry, and other personal details. I am seeking employment in para-church or non-profit ministry in poverty alleviation and Christian community development, or in church ministry as a youth or associate pastor. Additionally, I’ve included a link to my Linkedin profile. For further information, please feel free to contact me with any questions online at tjbryant@cedarville.edu or using the contact information on my resume.

Linkedin Profile

Business Résumé

Ministry Résumé

Philosophy of Ministry

Ministry at it’s core must be intentional in the integration of Christian faith into all aspects of life. For the purpose of this statement, allow me to explicitly explain a structured youth ministry, though the principles apply more broadly. This ministry consists of 3 main programs, Youth Group, Small Group, and Church, each with their own distinct purpose. Youth Group serves as the doorway to ministry as its more laid back environment provides an opportunity for fellowship with teenagers from church and outside of the church as well as a route to evangelism with the influx of unsaved students. Small Group ministry allows for a close discipleship relationship between students and an adult leader who grounds the student in biblical truth and practice, not simply by means of advice and mentorship, but by empowering strong critical thinking skills and internalization of biblical truth. Functionally, a trusted relationship with an adult leader also serves as a bridge to the greater church body. Students are to be integrated into the entire church body, rather than be segregated to the youth ministry alone. Exposing students to intergenerational worship connects them more permanently to church than a youth group, thus combating the trend of graduating from alongside graduating high school. The entirety of this ministry is to equip student to be able to think critically and Biblically about the world, be grounded in scripture and in practice, and be an Christ-ward influence to those around them.

Personal Testimony and Call to Ministry

I did not express a personal faith in Jesus Christ as a child though I joined church youth group as a teenager through a long term friendship. After several years of involvement in the youth ministry, I was brought to Christ in February of 2008 as a realized the gravity of my sin in comparison to the enormity of God’s holiness. It was not until then that I realized that God forgiveness in my life prompted a response on my part. Now as I continue to grow in Christ, I seek to draw myself close to God each day while seeking for opportunities to share Christ love in practical ways.

Prior to my conversion, I understood my passion for people. I wanted to work in career that could help people solve problems in a practical way, and my desired avenue was psychology. Exploration of the field led me to “Biblical counseling” which mentally opened the door to ministry. After prayer and consideration, I felt youth ministry was the correct direction for my life, as it had completely altered my life goals and identity in Christ. Since I started pursuing Youth Ministry, God has cultivated a concern for people on the margins within me. I am openly considering joining my heart for youth ministry and passion for marginalized people in some to be determined manner in the future.


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