Living in the Moment

Something I tried implementing in my life last spring was intentionally living in the moment. A lot of people I know try to take life just one day at a time, but sometimes even that was too much. In simply trying to make a dent in my checklist or remain faithful to God, a day was overwhelming. I began reframing life in smaller one hour segments to focus on what I could accomplish in that single hour, and let all other concerns lay dormant for the time being.

It was particularly pertinent during a YouthWorks summer. The amount of work dispersed between four individuals is nearly unbearable, especially if you try to think on it all at once. Even thinking of a single day at a time was paralyzing. There was a lot that needed to be accomplished in the time between waking up and returning to bed! Therefore, focusing on just an hour at a time helped me gradually progress through each day. Though it may sound strange, at the beginning of Kids Club at 11:00 each day the furthest thing from my mind was the end of Kids Club at 2:30. I was just trying to make it to lunch.

The hours ticked by quickly, much quicker than I would like to imagine. And in those hours I was freed to be an agent for God because I let go of outside concerns that would weigh me down. I let go of the task list anchoring me in place and instead focused on what was in front of me–people.

This same logic applies back home, though admitted I sometime pause and think how can I be faithful to God in this minute? rather than even this hour. Either way, we can let go of outside concerns and give God just one hour, single moments, of our faithfulness.


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