Oh Cedarville

There is a well-documented identity crisis at Cedarville. This past year has brought the exits of Dr. Brown, Carl Ruby, Michael Pahl, TC Ham, Chris Williamson, Bill Rudd, Carl Smith, Shawn Graves, several other trustees, and potential many more names to come. The knee jerk shift to the right opposes my own ideology and helplessly watching the events of the past semester has been difficult. 

Despite the questionable actions and disputable ideology, there is much I do appreciate about Cedarville. As the semester winded to a close, an enduring bitterness against Cedarville’s actions has shifted into an appreciation of what Cedarville has provided me. I have recently spent time comparing Cedarville to other universities I would be interested in if I were enrolling anew, and while there are many appealing facets of other universities, it has reinforced why I came to Cedarville in the first place. Here is what I’ve found:

  • Cedarville is still a reputable and prominent school for Biblical and Ministerial Studies
  • Of all reputable schools of Bible, Cedarville is easily the closest to home.
  • Cedarville is not only cheaper than most other considerable schools for Bible, but than most private universities in general
  • I wanted to go to a school considerably larger than my 1,000 student high school. Cedarville fits that mold. Many Christian schools do not.
  • I have made many good friends at Cedarville.
  • Youth Ministry is the best major ever (#youthminforthewin).
  • My fellow Youth Min majors are fantastic. They are a blast, and I have learned a lot from each of them.
  • The Bible Department is fantastic. Wonderful, scholarly, challenging professors have taught me so much.
  • I never heard of anyone playing Campus Golf anywhere else.
  • I had the opportunity to compete on one of the best cross country teams in the NAIA and NCAA DII. My freshman year the team finished 15th in NAIA, and this year (though I was no longer on the team) they finished 15th in NCAA DII.
  • Chuck’s, the dining hall, is good. Haters gonna hate, but I think it is good.
  • Of the schools I looked at, Cedarville was the only one with a significant building for Biblical and Ministerial Studies.
  • While daily chapel may become daunting after three years, many speakers have been memorable and challenging.
  • School President Dr. Brown is not only an excellent speaker, but has rapped and played bass on stage. Where else do you find that?
  • Cedarville has a beautiful campus.

So, yes, I am still upset about some inexcusable actions of the Cedarville Administration and Board of Trustees. But in spite of my frustration, there is so much to appreciate about my alma mater.


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