What We’re Really Thinking

I don’t know why, but I’ve been  taken aback by social media more lately than usual. There is nothing inherently wrong with social media, and I am a big fan of it (Follow me on twitter! @tjbryant519) but it becomes a very dangerous tool when we are not cautious how we use it.

Let me explain. For instance, yesterday I was reading a blog article about a rumor that Eminem  had become a Christian. (http://www.theblaze.com/stories/has-rapper-eminem-really-become-a-born-again-christian/) An update stated the Eminem’s agent was asked if Slim had become a Christian and he gave a curt “No.” So unless Eminem were to come forward himself and say he has given his life over to Jesus Christ, it would appear that he is not. I was very disappointed by the update. After all, to a man who has lived such a provocative lifestyle turn to Jesus for all of pop culture to see would be astounding. He would have an amazing platform to share the gospel. All of America could see the transformation in His life and witness the grace of Jesus Christ in action! How fantastic would this be?

Well, unfortunately not everyone thinks it would be so fantastic. The comments on the post were far from the disappointment I imagined. Some of the very first comments were:

“What a waste of BANDWIDTH!!!!!!…………Why should I care about this clown?”

“Wow now we can look forward to profanity filled sermons from the millionaire cry baby…M&M make yourself disappear please.
Nobody cares!”

“Who really cares what this no talent punk does?”

“I wish he wasn’t born the first time !”

Really? Ouch.

Who really cares what this no talent punk does? Jesus Christ for starters. Jesus’ Bride, the Church, should be just as concerned. After all, the man who wrote most of the New Testament was the most infamous pharisee in Judea.  When Saul of Tarsus came to faith in Christ, his impact was unimaginable. Christians should care, and not only that, they should be excited when someone professes faith in God because as it says in Luke 15:10  “In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

Now, perhaps that was someone of a tangent, but let me return to my original point. Social media is dangerous. In the past our thought life has been hidden for only us to understand. We would never be so bluntly arrogant, self-righteous, or rude in person to someone. But when we put ourselves in front of a computer screen our filter disappears. We say the most off the cuff remarks believing that there are no consequences. We throw a fit and yell in our car when an elderly man or woman is driving slowly in front of us, but we would never make rude remarks for the person to hear themselves. We tend to believe that social media is as private as our cars and our thoughts can run free without criticism, but that is far from the truth.

Social media has given another voice to people. Their voice exposes who they really are. Cowards would never say harsh things or offer criticism in real life, but do so freely online avoiding immediate critique or offense. Even I speak my mind more freely online. I dread offending people and often avoid touchy subjects or thoughts to keep from offending anyone. Social media gives me a platform to places my thoughts out there, but I do so carefully, hoping only to critically look at an issue or offer an opinion. If we try to do so, we must do so graciously.

In a world filled with social media, apostates can be found out for what they are–fake. Our thought life is important. I would urge people to go back over their facebook’s and twitter’s and look at what they are saying. Do we complain? Do we tear down our brothers? Are we arrogant, self-righteous, and prideful? How do we respond to others? If we are truly honoring God in our thought life, it should show in all our endeavors. Perhaps honoring God in our social media is a good place to start.


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