Welcome to YouthWorks!

Where to start? This journey with YouthWorks began last November, but is really just starting. I was estactic to find out that I would be going to Denver for training, and equally excited to find out I would be spending my summer in Washington. Sometime I question my motives however. Do I just want to get away from home? Am I looking for a vacation? Or am I most concerned with where I can be an effective minister of the Gospel of Christ? This summer I am serving in a town called Toppenish, which is 3/4 hispanic, and am on an Indian Reservation, something I have absolutely no experience with. So why here? Is it to challenge me and broaden my horizons? Did I just get lucky? Over the course of the past year I have realized a lot about God’s sovereignty, in addition to free will. I am certain of this though–God has put me in a place to challenge me, and to push my boundaries. This is going to be the most challenging and difficult summer of my life. But it will also be the most rewarding. I’ll do my best to keep this updated on the happening of Yakama.

Stay Classy,



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